Class Action Law Suits

There are 2 teams pursuing/researching class action law suits for the Fortress RDI Syndicated Mortgage Investors:

1.Investigative Team - research stage

There is an Investigative team currently researching potential class action law suits against multiple parties. This team comprises of the following professionals:

• Darryl Levitt (lawyer; Darryl Levitt Law

• Dave Oswald (forensic accountant, Forensic Restitution

• Bruce Livesey (private investigator; i20 Research Inc.) 

Click here for further links their videos and contact information. 

2. Kalloghlian Myers, LLP - Filed Statement of Claim against Olympia Trust

Kalloghlian Myers, LLP has recently launched a class action law suit against trustee Olympia Trust. Please visit their website for further information and contact details. The statement of claim can be found here.

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