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October 4, 2019


This protest was held at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Queen's Park, Toronto.

The protest took place to highlight the following:

  • Increase Public awareness of the Ontario Regulators’ Failure to Protect the public with respect to Syndicated Mortgage Investments (which impacted Investors across Canada)

  • Warn the Public they too shall become Victims of Fraud unless the Regulators radically change their processes, investigations & penalties by being proactive in intercepting perpetrators vs reactive & complaint based.

  • Demand increased Funding for the Police to investigate White Collar Crime.

  • Increase Public’s awareness of VOSMI, encourage investors to come forward & join our group

  • Highlight that the Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, & the NDP have done nothing to show support or advocacy for  16,000 victims of Fraud. (14,000 Fortress Victims & 1600 Tier 1 Victims)

  • Huge thanks to Roy Long from the Green Party, who took the time to speak to the investors about his concerns over white collar crime, specifically on seniors.

)ver 80 members attended the Queen's Park protest! Since Andrew Scheer was in the vicinity, we marched over to his bus, hopping to voice our concerns. We waited over 2 hours meet him- however he snuck through the back door.

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