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What is VOSMI?

Victims of Syndicated Mortgage Investments. 

What are Syndicated Mortgages?

 A Syndicated Mortgage is a group of individuals who lend money privately to a borrower to finance real estate developments, such as  residential condo buildings.  

I am an investor of Fortress Real Development SMIs. What can I do? 

Join our group so that you can stay updated on projects  group discussions. You will be required to fill out a questionnaire prior to your admission to the group. Once we have confirmed that you are an investor, you will be able to sign into the member portal. 


Can I join your group if I did not invest with Fortress RDI?

Our group is dedicated to individuals who invested in Fortress Real Development Investments. You can follow us on twitter & keep checking our main website for new updates & VOSMI stories.

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