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Potential Class Action Law Suit involving Fortress-related syndicated mortgage investments (“SMIs”).

Watch Rose Ray's video regarding a potential Class Action Law suit for the Fortress Investors.

If you have any questions regarding the potential class action law suit, please contact Rose. Rose can be reached at by email at RoseRay@bell.net or by calling her at (705) 795-9324.

A great deal of research has been already been undertaken by an Investigative Team comprising of the following legal and investigative professionals:

• Darryl Levitt (lawyer; Darryl Levitt Law
• Dave Oswald (forensic accountant, Forensic Restitution
• Bruce Livesey (private investigator; i20 Research Inc.

In order to continue their research, interviews etc, the investigative team requires funding of $50,000. VOSMI's goal is to help fund this amount. We suggest that investors contribute $100 per family. Further details are included below on how to send your contribution.

At the conclusion of the investigation, the investigative team expects to provide Rose (& in turn VOSMI) with a report providing their opinion regarding:

1. The legal and practical viability of legal claims against different potential defendants; and
2. The available options by which you may pursue such claims (if any).

Please understand that while the investigation team hopes to uncover information that will aide in pursuing recovery of investor’s losses relating to these projects, as well as additional Fortress-related projects, it is not possible to make any assurances that this will be the case. It is possible that their advice following the investigation will be that there are no legally or practically viable claims against any solvent defendants. If you contribution funds towards this investigation, you must understand that there are no guarantees in the case moving forward. Also understand that even if the investigative team proceeds with the law suit, there are no guarantees that the law suit will be certified or move forward by the courts. 


Please click here to read the letter which sets out further details of the proposal and scope of the investigation.


Please click here to complete the contribution form and arrange for payment. It will take a moment for the form to load on the page.