Investigative Team's Potential Class Action Law Suit involving Fortress-related syndicated mortgage investments (“SMIs”).

A great deal of research has been already been undertaken with regards to a potential class action law suit for the Fortress investors. The Investigative Team undertaking this work comprises of the following legal and investigative professionals:

• Darryl Levitt (lawyer; Darryl Levitt Law

• Dave Oswald (forensic accountant, Forensic Restitution

• Bruce Livesey (private investigator; i20 Research Inc.) 

Contact: Rose Ray at or 705-795-9324

The research into the possible class action law suit continues. Please view the updates below:

1.Video dated Nov 29, 2019 

Summary - Scope of Fortress projects & parties being researched for law suits.

Six projects are the focus of the initial investigation. They are: King City (the Eden), Sky City, Charlotte Adelaide (CHAT), Colliers, and Sky City. An anonymous investor has contributed $50,000 to help fund this investigation to help bring the research to the next level. Our ask is for the Fortress investors to contribute $100 to help reimburse the investor's generous contribution.

Click here to view video. 

Click here to read Darryl Levitt's letter to investors. 

Click here to contribute $100 to help fund the research into these potential law suits. You will have the option to pay via Pay Pal or e transfer (if via e-transfer, you must do the transfer from your bank's website after completing the online form).

2. Video dated Feb 3, 2020.

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Summary: Reminder to investors to save their documents pertaining to their investments in case the team requires the files. Promissory note holders to contact Rose as well as they will be addressed separately from SML investors; as well as investors who were "transferred" from one project to another knowingly or unknowingly. Promotional materials, recordings of events would be appreciated as well for the projects listed in the above paragraph.

3.Video dated March 11, 2020.

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Investigative work is ongoing. Rose requesting investors to write to FAAN (details in video.) 

(Note: This ask is no longer required)

4.Video dated April l, 2020.

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Summary: Key Parties identified; Fortress, Project owners/corporations/key personnel; Auditors, Trustees, Developers, Appraisers & evaluators, agents, brokers & law firms.1st two projects of  interest to pursue initially: Sky City & Colliers. Investigative reports have been compiled; Investigative Team is in discussion with law firms and litigation funders.  

5. Video dated May 17, 2010.

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Summary: Update from Rose on Funding. Approximately $14,000 has been contributed from investors to date.  

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