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There are two separate petitions. Note that Petition #1 (Ontario residents only) is active until December 15, 2020.

Petition # 2 (for residents of Canada) is not yet active and will be launched shortly. 

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Petition #1



Public inquiry into FSCO's handling 

of Fortress RDI's Syndicate Mortgage Investment Complaints 

presented to

the Ontario Legislative Assembly


This petition is to be presented to the Ontario Legislative Assembly.

The focus of this petition is to demand a public inquiry into the financial regulator FSCO's handling of Fortress RDI's syndicate mortgage 

investments that impacted thousands of Canadians. 

Petitions presented to the Ontario Legislative Assembly must contain original signatures. They must also be presented by an Ontario MPP. In this case, MPP Amanda Simard has offered to present the petition on our behalf. 

The petition must be signed by Ontario residents only. You can invite friends, family, coworkers or neighbors to sign. Please ensure you practice COVID precautions while doing so. 

Instructions for signing this petition:

1. Click here to open the petition and print it.


2. In the spaces provided, print your name (in ink), along with your home address, and sign your name.  

 photocopies, e-signatures, and scanned signatures are NOT accepted).  


3. Family members, friends etc can also sign the petition as long as they are Ontario residents.

4. Mail the signed petition to: 

Amanda Simard

Room 425
Main Legislative Building, Queen's Park

Toronto, ON

M7A 1A8

Once MPP Simard receives the petitions, she will 

present the petition to the Ontario Legislative Assembly. Only 1 signature is required for the petition to be presented. (however we would like to have at least 500 signatures) The government must file a response within 24 sitting days of the presentation of the petition.(for more information on the OLA petition process click here).

5. So that we can keep track of how many people have signed the petition, please send an email to to advise how many names have been signed and mailed to MPP Simard.


Thanks for your support!!

Petition #2




Public Inquiry into the 

Fortress RDI Syndicate Mortgage Investment Financials 

presented to

The House of Commons 

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