VOSMI has launched 2 petitions. The first one is via the Ontario Legislative Assembly, and the second one is other via the House of Commons. Both petitions are now closed for signatures. We hope to provide updates on the presentation of the petitions in the Spring of 2021. Thank you.

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Petition #1



Public inquiry into FSCO's handling 

of Fortress RDI's Syndicate Mortgage Investment Complaints 

presented to

the Ontario Legislative Assembly


Open for signature November 15, 2020

Closed for signatures December 31, 2020

The focus of this petition is to demand a public inquiry into the financial regulator FSCO's handling of Fortress RDI's syndicate mortgage investments that impacted thousands of Canadians.

MPP Amanda Simard has offered to present the petition to the  Legislative Assembly on our behalf. 

MPP Simard  will be presenting this petition in early 2021 . Once the petition is presented, the government must file a response within 24 sitting days, For more information on the OLA petition process click here).

Thank you to all of you who took the time to sign and mail in your petition!

Petition #2

Public Inquiry into the 

Fortress RDI Syndicate Mortgage Investment Financials 

Thank you to the honorable Doug Shipley for presenting our petition to the House of Commons on April 13, 2021. The government has 45 days to respond to our petition. Thank you to Rose Ray, the petition committee and to all who signed this petition.













The focus of this petition is to demand a public inquiry into the financials of Fortress RDI and their handling of the syndicate mortgage investors funds. 

This petition has been authorized by MP Doug Shipley and will be presented to the House of Commons.

The petition is requesting the House of Commons to:

1 support the launch of an independent public forensic inquiry to investigate the financial records and assets of Fortress and principals, its brokerages, executives and trustees, including Sorrenti Law;

2. ensure that the RCMP Integrated Market Enforcement Teams has the resources and funds to continue their investigation;

3. review the Standing Up for White Collar Crime Act, and increase the current punishment and imprisonment if the fraud exceeds one million dollars; and

4. mandate communication across all financial Canadian regulators to reduce loopholes and protect investors.

Thanks for your support!!!