Victims cry foul over Fortress Real rewards

June 13, 2019 Mortgage Broker News

No retirement for 73 year old investor

June 11, 2019 Mortgage Broker News

'I still feel ashamed'; investors' life savings held in limbo

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Lenders to seize 13 real estate projects

Oct 25, 2018 Globe and Mail

RCMP raid 6 locations in GTA as part of syndicated mortgage fraud  

Apr. 13, 2018

Canadian police search Fortress office in mortgage fraud probe: sources

Apr. 3, 2018 Reuters

Trustee to take over Fortress broker in wake of RCMP raid

Apr. 20, 2018 The Globe and Mail

Fortress investors could face 'significant losses'

Jun. 24, 2018 The Globe and Mail

Allegations of inflated property values at centre of RCMP syndicated

mortgage fraud investigation

Jul. 19, 2018

Fortress misled investors about land valuation, RCMP alleges

Oct. 21, 2018 The Globe and Mail

RCMP allege obstruction in Fortress fraud investigation

Oct. 23, 2018

Inside the fall of Fortress 

Dec. 14, 2018 The Globe and Mail 


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